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How do you behave in your close relationships?

Welcome to YourPersonality.Net. This site provides a number of on-line personality and close relationships tests, experiments, and demonstrations that you can take to learn more about your self and the way you relate to others. Each test is designed to provide you with customized feedback based on your responses. Participation is free, informative, and fun!

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Great Ideas in Personality
How do people tend to think, feel, and behave--and what causes these tendencies? These are the questions addressed by personality theory and research. This website deals with scientific research programs in personality psychology. They are offered as candidates for the title "great ideas"; whether they are indeed great remains an open question.

The Personality Project
The personality project is meant to be a cooperative endeavor for those interested in the study of personality.

Association for Research in Personality
The Association for Research in Personality (ARP) is a new scientific organization (founded in 2001) devoted to bringing together the diversity of scholars whose research contributes to the understanding of personality processes, structure, and development.

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